2010 John Guastaferro - Homage To Homing And Extra Verted


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Guastaferro embodies everything we admire in a magician?? he is smooth but not flashy?? soft-spoken yet in control. And he is an expert at crafting intelligent magic tricks. For the first time ever and EXCLUSIVELY with Vanishing Inc?? we talked John G into tipping two of his favorite card pieces--all for the price of one download?? just ten dollars. The first trick?? Extra-verted?? is a stunning one-at-a-time Royal Flush production that you can do to music or with presentation?? and it's a perfect closer (you'll see why). Homage to Homing is one of the finest versions of the classic Homing Card plot. These tricks look silky smooth yet are not terribly difficult to perform. John G has a soothing demeanor when he talks and when he teaches?? and he goes into great depth in this two-for-one tutorial. Both of us (Andi and Josh) are using Extra-verted professionally already?? and we know you will minutes after downloading this package.