2014 Magical Sleight - MS Season 2 Walking in Paris


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2014 Magical Sleight - MS Season 2 Walking in Paris

MS Season 2 : Walking in Paris is a two DVDs set containing acollection of sleights and tricks published during MS Season two (2012)
2H45 minutes - 20 tricks - 23 moves
Tricks :

  • HEadphone : A precision made utility move for your sandwich routines.
  • Butterfly : Learn this very aerial card production. A masterpiece ...
  • Perception Control : One the most easy and deceptive card control and 5 variations.
  • Metro : Here is a sandwich trick that you will immediately add to your repertoire.
  • Surround : Discover 3 originals card controls and 2 clever stand up tricks
  • Invisible B : Learn a very deceptive card control with two sandwich tricks
  • BMF : A new color change from the mind of Astone
  • LCD6DL : Heres a collection of 6 double lifts which will allow you to bring a touch of estheticism to your magic !
  • Les rois alcooliques : Yves shares with you a little card magic gem.
  • Snapshot : Father Alex teaches you one of his closely guarded secret that was kept underground for years
  • Yoqueen : Learn a new and stylish version of The Queens by Bill Goodwin
  • Correspondance : A compilation of 3 visual tricks using the Vernon tranfer move.
  • Devil Shuffle :Le Clezio and Pierre Marie share with you their devious handling on one of John Banons best routine
  • Ithat : Astones take on Yoanns take on the Vernon Triumph
  • Storm : four ace productions
  • Knacky DL :A new double lift which is done with one hand only
  • Stuart Palm :Learn a new way to do a bottom palm
  • OSTh :Astone shares with us a graceful and easy-to-do card production
  • Verneuil shift : A modern variation on Ed Marlos Multiple shift