3Cast by Paul Richards (Highly recommended)


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3Cast by Paul Richards (Highly recommended)

only instructions video download , no others props included

review :

I just bought this trick from Paul Richards, at a live event in San Diego. I am partial to mentalism effects, and when he performed this, I knew I had to have it. The deck is divided into roughly 3 equal piles. A prediction is written down and placed in front of each pile. In the first pile, the cards are dealt face down and the spectator says stop (they can choose the card in hand, the card still on the deck or the card on the pile). In the second pile, the cards are dealt face up, and the spectator can say stop at any time. In the third pile, and cards are spread and the spectator thinks of a card. In all cases the predictions are viewed, and are all accurate. There are some clever twists in the predictions, to keep the trick from being repetitive. Also each pile uses a different method, so the spectator is unlikely to figure anything out. Very clever trick…lots of thought put into the creation. Once the initial setup is done (only necessary to do the first time), the trick is basically self-working. Allows you to focus on the presentation and story. Highly recommended.