A S.A.D Night in Hamburg by Looch


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In 2009, Looch was invited by the GEM to lecture at their annual convention in Hamburg, Germany. For the lecture, Looch prepared a very special set of lecture notes that covered a whole range of Walk Around Mentalism (WAM).

In these notes Looch discusses a wide range of topics and offers tips and advice plus several detailed unpublished effects from his repertoire. These lecture notes were initially only available to the GEM, but now after 5 years they are being made available to Penguin customers.

"I found the "thinking" process behind this routine to be wonderful. If you've been around mentalism for some time, after awhile you begin to de-emphasize the "methods" (eg. how tricks are done), and you really appreciate the subtleties, the nuances, and things like pacing ands routining of a mentalism act. That is what you have here. A really nicely routined act and solid thinking behind the process. Nice job Looch." Ben Cummings (Conversations with Mindreader's)

"If you do a fair amount of close-up mentalism, you'll enjoy the material here. Looch has acquired a good reputation for coming up with solid, powerful material and these lecture notes certainly showcase that." Jheff (Marketplace of the Mind)