Aaron Delong - Believe


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Aaron Delong - Believe


No trick decks?? duplicates?? memory work?? indexes?? special wallets or switches. Just misdirection and a very special something combined to create a BLOCKBUSTER effect that's guaranteed to leave your audience speechless. Oh.. and there's no palming either! BELIEVE IT? 


BELIEVE is used frequently by today's top magicians and has been performed several times for television. Now it's poised and ready to take the magic community by storm. 

This secret has been shared previously only with a small group of select performers. Now it's your chance to learn this blockbuster psychic / mentalist routine at a bargain price. 
This marvelous manuscript contains the following essential core components. Each of which could be adapted and utilized in other effects: 

The Anything Pad - This is the little demon at the core of the BELIEVE effect. Once you've tried it?? you won't leave home without it. 
Envelope Reveal - In my opinion?? this concept alone is worth the price of the entire booklet! It can add a punch to ANY card to wallet routine. 
The unBELIEVEable Case - This clever adaptation will come in handy when you take it to the streets. 
The following performance variations are also included: 

Psychic Reading - You demonstrate how someone might perform a psychic reading by performing a unique experiment of your own! 
Tarot Card Reading - A hidden personality trait is revealed?? written in advance on the back of their selected Tarot card. 
Movie Cards - Actors and actresses add a light touch to this othewise often spooky routine. 
BONUS: Included are contributions by Jason Dean?? Christopher Williams and Cody J.H. Pace. 

The BELIEVE manuscript is over 30 pages long and is clearly illustrated with frequent photos throughout. 

The gimmick that helps to make it happen involved is very easy to make. It can be constructed in under 5 minutes for less than the price of a greeting card. 

No difficult sleight of hand is required?? you're going to be THRILLED with the way this thing works!