Aaron Fisher - Revolution


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Aaron Fisher - Revolution


First developed by Aaron in 1994??The Revolutionis perhaps the easiest?? most visual color change ever invented. This new DVD presents two distinct miracles made possible by this incredibly easy?? visual transformation.

Helter Skelter

Simply the most astounding?? easy to perform color changing deck you'll ever see — and it ends clean! This effect first appeared inThe Paper Engine?? but Aaron has been guarding this new?? incredibly simple method for years. All the difficult sleight of hand has been removed — that means if you can do a double turnover?? you're ready for this trick right now.

Revolution #9

You can perform this effect with any deck?? any time. A wave of your hand causes a face-down selection to visibly reverse. But that's just the beginning. With another wave?? the entire deck turns face-down. Unlike the method taught inThe Paper Engine?? this new approach uses only basic sleight of hand. You'll have to see the effect in action to believe it!

Over a decade in the making??The Revolution featuring Helter SkeltercompletesThe Paper Engine Trilogywith Aaron's strongest release to date. Aaron has been performing these effects for over 10 years.That means this magic is tested?? verified and trustworthy. You'll LOVE performing the magic on this DVD.

Join the Campers!

This DVD will give you a brand new experience. Much of this production was shot live at Sorcerer's Safari Magic Camp — the world's finest youth magic program. After you learn the effects on the DVD?? you'll get a front row seat to work with Aaron along with the other campers. You'll hear real questions — and get information that will make watching this DVD the next best thing to being there.

The Effects Are Just the Beginning

As always?? Aaron will show you how to put it all together. In addition toHelter SkelterandRevolution #9?? you'll learn invaluable lessons about how to clean-up tricks?? switch decks on the fly and recover from any conceivable situation. After you see the DVD?? you'll use this information every time you do card magic.