Aaron Williams - PlayBack


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Aaron Williams - PlayBack

Aaron Williams playBack

Imagine: You walk up to a random person. You ask if they have an iPhone or an iPod. They do. You turn around while you ask them to go through and pick any song they like. If they have earphones?? great?? if not - you supply them with your own. They fast forward the song to their favorite part just so it's fresh in their head. They turn off the music?? the screen?? and you turn back around. Instantly?? by just looking into their eyes?? you can tell them what song they picked. Sounds impossible right? Wrong. This is playBack.
playBack works with any iPhone?? iPod Touch?? iPod Nano?? or iPod Classic. It doesn't require any set-up or gimmicks. It's 100% impromptu and can be done with their device. It's extremely easy to do and no one will ever suspect the method. Plus?? the song they pick doesn't even need to be in the "Music" program. It can be used with Pandora?? Spotify?? or any program that allows music playback in the background.
NOTE: This is not to be confused with "Fate" by Geraint Clarke. Though they are both great iPhone/iPod magic effects?? they are also VERY different in nature and method.