Action Magic - Absolute Coin Bender


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Action Magic proudly presents the Absolute Coin Bender. With it?? you will be able to bend borrowed?? signed coins?? in real-time?? under real world conditions. Cause the coin to melt at your fingertips like liquid metal?? or psychokinetically fold in someone's hand?? or bend it with your evident superhuman strength. An impressive and impossible display of powers is now achievable with this incredible gimmick. But the gimmick is only half of it. You will learn more than 9 full routines demonstrating different ways to use the gimmick?? up close?? on the street?? and in the bar. Owners of other benders can utilize this to maximize the potential of their current bender in ways like never before. The handling for the Absolute Coin Bender was done with a major emphasis on doing the bend while people are staring right at you the whole time. This pressure of hand-burning eyes is diminished thanks to the devious methods and this powerful gimmick. Audiences never see anything?? particularly when the gimmick is hidden in plain sight right under their noses. 

The Absolute Coin Bender will bend almost any coin?? and will bend coins most other benders can not. Because of the physical properties of the Absolute Coin Bender?? bends require less strength?? and less physical movement?? which lend a hand in its deceptiveness. 

Key points?? 

Adjustable Bend Intensity - The only bender of its kind that allows the user to determine and change the curve of the bend. Soft curve?? sharp bend?? half & half?? adjustments for different sized coins?? and more. 

INVISIBLE Bend? capabilities - The ability to bend the borrowed?? signed coin in real time with no sign or indication of bending while the audiences' eyes are fixed on you?? burning you the entire time. 

Makes beautiful curved coins. Coins do not look bent but instead warped. 

Applied Physics - The makeup and functionality of the Absolute Coin Bender yields an easier bend with less movement and less physical exertion. 

No awkward movements or unnatural actions. 

Always start clean and always end clean. 

No sleeves?? jacket?? shirt?? or other special clothing requirement. 

The ability for someone relatively new to magic to be able to bend a signed coin in real time with little skill required - and astound audiences! 

Multi-language DVD - English - Spanish - French 

More than 9 Full Routines
Additional minor pieces will be necessary. 

Warped coin is an amazing tangible giveaway for your spectator to take home. 

Very Versatile. Versatility to use the bender in countless ways. 

Very Affordable