Akira Fujii - Linking Cigarette


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Linking Cigarette by AKIRA FUJII

100% No Gimmick Super Visual Penetration!!

Akira Fuji's famous trick that he has been performing for over 15 years. After many improvements and refinements this effect has reached the pinnacle of lean?? efficient handling.
Many Japanese close-up magicians are adding this effect to their routines.

Magician holds two cigarettes?? one in each hand between the end of the index finger and the thumb to make a D shape. It this position it is easy for the cigarette to drop if he loosens his grip. When he brings his hands together slowly the cigarettes penetrate each other and the two cigarettes are now linked.

Don't smoke? Don't worry. This effect works with drinking straws?? mini felt-tip markers?? even small twigs found on the ground. And this effect doesn't need a stage. It can be done anywhere?? including as "street magic."

-No thread.
-No magnet.
-No glue or adhesives.
-Borrowed cigarettes can be used.
-Audience can be behind you; good for street magic.
All that’s required is?? two hands?? cigarettes?? time to master the effect and the discipline to practice.