Aldo Colombini - Pre Deck Ability


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Aldo Colombini - Pre Deck Ability

Three different predictions are taken from a pad pf paper and given out?? one to each of three spectators. A deck of cards is shuffled and cut into two halves.

A spectator cuts a portion from one half?? turns it face up?? and shuffles it together with the other face down half creating a topsy-turvy condition. The spectator cuts any amount of cards from this face up and face down portion?? turns it over?? and shuffles it with the remainder of the deck which is still face down on the table. The spectator now cuts a portion from this assembled packet?? turns it over?? and shuggles it together with the other packet. This cutting and shuffling procedure continues until the spectator feels it is enough and he can continue as long as he wants.

At the end?? the first prediction is read and it says?? "There will be 23 face down cards." The spectator counts the face down cards while separating them from the face up cards and finds 23!

The second prediction is read and it says?? "There will be 15 red cards." From the 23 card packet?? the spectator separates the red cards from the black ones?? and counts 15 red cards!

Then the third prediction is read and it says?? "All the black cards are Clubs." But alas?? among the black cards which turn out to be clubs?? is found one lone Spade?? say the Six of Spades. Apparently?? the magician goofed! But?? he picks up the pad of paper from which he removed the original three predictions?? opens it and?? on the last page?? finds a Jumbo duplicate of the 6 of Spades. Above this card is written?? "Except the......"