Alexander Kolle - Nephilim


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Alexander Kolle - Nephilim


The Trick that fooled everybody at Blackpool Magic convention 2012!

This wallet is a european hip style wallet made out of the finest nappa leather with an elegant pin stripe cloth inside. The most important and outstanding characteristic is the all around zipper, which is of the highest quality. Effects possible with THE NEPHILIM: Card to wallet - with kicker ending A signed card appears inside the TWO zipper compartments with the cleanest possible manner. You pull out the wallet just with your finger tips and hand out the wallet to your spectator to examine it before you reveal their card. A few seconds later, their card appears again inside the wallet in full view in another compartment. It cannot get any more visual. Jumbo Coin Appearance You take out a normal coin and put it onto the wallet. In the second you dump the coin in your hand it changes visible into a jumbo coin. Heirloom effects. You can do any kind of Heirloom effects or any other predictions with the help of the really invisible secret compartment. And many more...