Alexander & Nikolay - December Boys Collection


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Alexander & Nikolay - December Boys Collection


florishes for beginners

December Boys is a project of two students from Kiev: Alexander and Nikolay. To creation of this resource they were induced by an insuperable inclination to visual tricks with cards?? card ????????????? and filming.

Alexander and Nikolay aren't champions of various tournaments on card manipulations. However?? their first attempt of participation in Theory11 Saturday Night Contest crowned success. Brothers Dan and Dave Bak among numerous works recognized sensational American card manipulators as Alexander's best video and Nikolay. Then twins proved the choice existence in video of uncommon style and energy (pizzazz) that still is for children the most pleasant compliment.

As Alexander and Nikolay not one year was perfected by the skills in manipulations with cards?? their abilities for a short period were beyond amatorsky level. For this reason?? they will aspire to impart experience?? creating detailed training videos to the base and advanced card manipulations and tricks with verbal support.