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Alfredo Marchese - Professional Card Magic


A Date and a Card
The magician asks a spectator to think of any time of the year and presented him with an agenda for it seeks the date in question, and then asked to name aloud the card is registered. The spectator takes a card game with a person who had custody, one by one, out loud and looking for the map that corresponds to the date chosen account. It will have51 cards and of course will not see the selected card. Finally, the magician says an envelope that was all the time in the sight of all and pulls out a card that is missing in the game.

Cards and glasses
A card game that can be borrowed is given to a spectator to that mix and divided into three packages. Then he gives two other spectators they mix them. A spectator names a color and three others say three values of the game. The magician takes the three decks of cards and left on the table without reverse order. It was noted that there are threecups on the table and puts the packets, tarot to the public. It asks the audience to re-appoint the selected cards andcuts back to show that it is indeed the same.

Kolta of Foutain of Cards
A card is selected and lost in the game. The game is set in a transparent cup. The orders of the magician, the cardsstart flying in the air until only one remains in the cut. The card remains in the cup is of course the chosen card.

The Infallible Prediction
The magician shows a small envelope containing a prediction. To prevent the audience to think he can handle it, heplaces it in a large envelope. He also bet money a bank. Then the spectator chooses a card (an invisible game). When the envelope is opened, the prediction is correct!

The Card in the Egg
The magician asks a spectator to "think" on a map and name. Then he asks another spectator to choose an egg andplace it in an egg cup. Finally he asked a third person to break the egg. She is looking for something in and out what appears to be a rolled map, the place and it shows that it is the thought card.

Language: English