All Access Backstage Pass by Justin Miller


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All Access Backstage Pass by Justin Miller

11 Blockbuster audience tested effects including Justin's underground move, Four on the floor switch, that has floored the best in the business.


S.A.F 3.0- This is the final version of Justin's Seal-A-Feign effect from Strolling Hands 1 and 2

3 Card Melody- the perfect effect for any walk-around environment with a normal,borrowed deck of cards...this one WILL go into your act!

3X- They get 3 chances to see if they can figure it out only to find a HUGE surprise at the end.

Guardians version 1- Borrowed deck, no gimmicks, and the most deceptive mystery card to date.

Guardians version 2- Same as 1 but with 2 selections and a twist at the end.

Keyed-Up- Make a drawing on a card come to life. A perfect strolling effect. (featured in Justin's 2005 notes HUH!)

The Force- From a shuffled deck a freely selected card is found to float out of the center of the deck and flips face up.

Traveling Light- A story of postal shipping and the most deceptive card switch around.

V.C.R- A new way to do the Haunted Pack. People everywhere have been raving about this one!

Triple Take- Push 3 coins through the center of a table and into a waiting glass bowl with no funny moves and then cause all three to unexpectedly come right back through at the same time. You truly Have to see this to believe it.