Alpha Effect By David Rangel and Jacob Rangel


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Alpha Effect By David Rangel and Jacob Rangel 

(Instant Download) Two Free Choices, Only One Fate.

"Alpha is my kind of trick. It's easy to do, impossible for a spectator to figure out and it has a killer presentation." - Shaun Dunn

"Alpha" Is an effect where a spectator using a set of NATO phonetic alphabet playing cards placed face down, freely selects cards of their choosing. Another spectator selects from a set of random items, only to find the random letters picked form the word of the object. 
This is a DIY effect. You get to create and customize to your liking. Thank you for your purchase and if you have any questions or are interested in the specific deck I use please reach out!

Deck shown in videos not included. Please reach out for further inquiry on artwork or help with creating or purchasing a deck.