Andi Gladwin LIVE (Penguin LIVE)


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Andi Gladwin LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Professional close-up magician, creator, author, lecturer, and co-founder of Vanishing Inc. shares some great tricks! 

“Andi has that unique ability to create original hard-hitting effects that use very few sleights. I'm not just a friend, I'm a fan!” - John Archer

"Andi offers a hugely entertaining lecture filled with original thinking and fun!" - Luke Jermay

"Andi combines flawless sleight of hand with clever construction and intriguing presentations to create material that you will definitely want to add to your repertoire." - Joshua Jay

"I don’t think it’s overstating the case to say that Andi Gladwin is one of the most knowledgeable people in magic. He knows all about the magic industry, the history of magic andits future. He knows how to write bestselling books. Dozens of them! He knows how to get onto prime-time TV. He knows how to win awards. And most importantly, he knows how to fool both laymen and magicians with ease. Don’t be misled by his relaxed, easy-going style though - his sleight-of-hand is world class and his methods are devious! This lecture will be an absolute treat." - Mark Elsdon

What will he teach?

The lecture is in two parts, featuring Andi's 25 minute stand-up routine and a full card magic set that builds to an exciting, and unexpected crescendo.

In the parlour section, you'll learn routines such as Modern Crime; Andi's adaption of Jack Wise's wonderful "Heist" routine (in turn, a version of the classic "Holdup" trick), his Rubik's Cube routine (taught for the first time ever) and his full "People Power" routine which fills an entire stage with the smallest of props.

In the close-up set, you'll see Andi at his best. He will teach you an original previously unpublished Multiple Selection routine, a brand new version of one of Andi's most requested tricks and his "Cut, Shuffle, Deal" a novel version of Spectator Cuts to the Aces that turns the plot completely on its head.

This lecture is tightly packed with enough practical, amazing tricks that you could build your own close-up and parlour set around it.

Who is he?

Perhaps Andi Gladwin’s greatest trick is how he divides his time between being a professional close-up magician, magic creator, author, lecturer and more.

His Master Pushoff and Multiple Revelation Project DVDs were best sellers and received rave reviews in all major magic journals. His “Magic Squared” effect is a true show stopper and his books 52 Memories and Blomberg Laboratories are both amongst the biggest selling magic books of the last decade.

Andi has lectured at the biggest conventions in the world including The Session, Blackpool, FISM, Magi-Fest, MAGIC Live, The Genii Convention and many more. In this special Penguin lecture he will present never seen before material from his professional parlour show. You'll learn everything from his opener to his closer.

What makes all this material interesting is that it plays for big crowds, yet uses only the most basic sleight of hand. Two of the tricks are entirely self-working, whereas all the others are extremely easy, using only a simple sleight here and there.