Andrew Mayne - Inversion


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Andrew Mayne?? the creator of Ghost Bills and Ghost Vision?? presents an incredible object illusion using a single balloon. 

The magician shows a round balloon and points out that all the balloons have one thing in common - a nozzle. He then takes the nozzle and pulls it straight off the balloon and makes it vanish. He then rotates the balloon all around showing that it is seamless. The magician then points to a smooth part of the balloon?? twists it and turns it into a new nozzle. For the climax he pushes the nozzle through the skin of the balloon creating an impossible object?? a balloon tied from the inside! The balloon can then be handed out in its impossible state. 

Want to create and give away an impossible object your audience will never forget? 

Create an inside-out balloon right before their eyes in this 3-phase routine. 

Phase 1?? Rip the knot off a balloon and make it vanish 

Phase 2?? Create a new knot on the smooth balloon 

Phase 3?? Push the knot INSIDE the balloon and give it away 

In this DVD Andrew teaches his method for tying a knot on the inside of the balloon and using it in an incredibly visual magic routine. 

+ Uses regular balloons. 

+ No special tools required. 

+ Place a playing card or business card in the balloon as a giveaway!