Andy Nyman - The Code


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Andy Nyman - The Code

Oh my god. That fooled me so badly.” David Regal
Andy tipped The Code to me about 9 months ago. Hes now birthed a monster of mind blowing mayhem. This is something Im going to use as soon as I can pry it from the postmans stubby little fingers.” Bill Abbott
A few weeks ago I had dinner with Andy Nyman. Over whiskey he took out a deck and for 15 minutes fooled me over and over. Badly. Each effect was stunning and absolutely impossible. Andy Nyman then showed me his Code. I cant even begin to articulate how brilliant and stunning in its simplicity The Code is.” Wayne Houchin
I think youve got two choices: Get The Code and do amazing things or dont - in which case someone like Andy is going to use it to fool your tail off. -Max Maven
The Code is more than a method. Its a system you can use to create effects of your own read minds and blow people away.
One powerful simple dangerous secret from the mind of Andy Nyman. Instantly divine the name and location of a selected card - with NO forces NO sleights no memorization and without even looking at the chosen card.
A DIABOLICAL tool with contributions from Chris Kenner Steve Cohen Jonathan Bayme. A closely guarded secret now YOURS. Free selections - no force.
After a year and a half of development THE CODE is finally available. One hour of instruction features multiple techniques applications bonus routines presentations and much more.