Andy Smith - The Twins Legacy


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Andy Smith - The Twins Legacy


A Lifetime Of Magical Inventions by Bob Ostin is a veritable goldmine of great ideas for almost every kind of performer. Among the great card magic in there, is one effect by the name of Twisted Twins. Having seen Peter Nardi's version, Really Twisted, that comes as a bonus streaming video when the book is purchased from Alakazam, Andy Smith has extended the plot further to give you three new handling's each with a different twist that you are sure to enjoy performing.

Each one is easy to do, contains very little, if any sleight of hand, and has a strong impact on those that see them performed.
In the first effect, the cards are shuffled and a pile cut off and turned over to mark a place in the deck. The face up portion is spread to the first face down card, which is removed as the selection, and the face up portion is set to one side face down. The random selection is then tossed face down through the deck, where upon counting down the cards it is seen that another card has turned face up and is the mate of the selection! If this wasn't enough the top cards of the other two piles that have been formed are then turned over to reveal two cards of the same value making a four of a kind!!!
Taking the above effect a step further, in the second version,  after the four of a kind revelation has been made, you can then have all four change in to a completely different four of a kind, for example all four tens could then change cleanly to aces! And in the final version, the change is utilized in a sucker version of the four for four change ( not unlike a version of Charlie Millers Dunbury Delusion ) to add not only a comedic element to the effect, but also a dramatic one.