Animated Gum by Nathan Kranzo (Instant Download)


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Animated Gum by Nathan Kranzo (Instant Download)

"A miracle they'll never forget" -Nathan Kranzo


Offering gum is like a backstage pass.. it can get you into a conversation with anyone. So doing a magic trick at that moment is like a reputation-making trojan horse.

If you want a wild little miracle you can always carry (even out in the open) with no suspicion from anyone, Animated Gum is going to be your new favorite trick. The gimmick is invisible, easy to use and reliable.

PROFESSIONALS: Nathan Kranzo is a working pro who creates magic for his own use. This is one of his favorites to keep in his pocket and surprise unsuspecting guests. It's easy, fun, resets instantly and is dirt cheap to refill (just get more gum!).

Magic in casual situations often gets the biggest reactions because it's SURPRISING. Animated Gum is awesome.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included