Anthony Lindan - Present of Mind (1-2)


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Presents of Mind - Anthony Lindan - He created Fortune & Fate?? and you've learned Anthony Lindan's effects from The Linking Ring?? The Trap Door?? Apocalypse and The Minotaur. Now you can learn some of Anthony's best effects on his first video. Too Much?? An Eddie Fechter inspired routine with a surprise ending; Speck-u-lation?? A spectator mentally re-arranges magic marker specks on the back of your business card into letters spelling their name; Added Value?? An extra climax to Larry Becker's invisible coin routine using your business card; See Through Switch?? A very clean and easy wallet photograph utility switch where the wallet does all the work and the magic is powerful; Forget to Remember?? A "between the palms" plot using your business cards and great patter.