Armonia by Miquel Roman


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Armonia by Miquel Roman

Digital download

Welcome to Armonía, the 1st Online Card Flourishes Collection.

This is such an Introduction to the Collection, but above all, this is the Menu. A Menu with the content that allows you to go to each video easy and quickly. Armonía are 11 of my original moves and 4 extras including 2 moves by the artists Víctor García and Bernard Reijers.

Armonía born as my little contribution to the Card Manipulation's World. This is not the Biggest Card Flourishes Compilation or the Bible of Card Manipulation. What you are about to see is a merely translation of my ideas. And I want that all of this Ideas arrive directly to your eyes and your mind.

The level is advanced. And many of this moves are not for begginers. If you don't want Real Challenges in the Art of Card Manipulation, or if you want to know a deck of cards and your hands exactly like you know today, Armonía is not for you. But if you always wanted to take a deck of cards and do incredible moves with it, beyond everybody know; if you always wanted to know the limit of your fingers; or if you want to open a new dimension in Card Manipulation that can brings you to unknown limits... you are in the correct place.

Take your cards and choose content NOW.

The show just getting started! ;)

-Miquel Roman