Arthur Tivoli - Tivoliland 2


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In his new DVD?? Arthur Tivoli presents the routines he actually performs in restaurants?? 3 sets?? 8 minutes each?? with cards?? laughs?? coins?? surprises?? ropes?? hearts?? diamonds… and all this magic fits in his pockets and a small box.


Set #1

Sponge ball routine -How to make friends with people who don’t know you and just want to eat without being aroused by a magician.
Diamond -A little ball of bread is transformed in a diamond.
Rising Card -Arthur shows you a very practical handling for this routine.
The bill in the pen cap -+The best and simpler way to make a signed bill disappear and reappear in cap of your pen. It’s a killer.

Set #2

Silver Thread -All that you need to focus the attention of your spectators?? fire and money.
Ring and Rope Routine -A great routine with a lot of new moves and subtleties.
Sushi -The stabbed card without any risk.

Set #3

Brocken heart -A great trick to begin at a table with women
Russia -The history of the Russian people.
Simplex card to box -An ingenious move for a killer effect. A signed card disappears and reappears in a little non tricked box.

Two great bonus tricks?? One to give your business card and the other to take people’s money

Running TimeApproximately 2hr 5min