Asier Kidam - Phoenix Ashes


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Phoenix Ashes revives and improves the "Ashes on Arm" trick with a scorching new method and presentation. The old "reveal a selected card with ashes" is a wonderful classic, yet the revelation of the card has always been handwritten.
Phoenix Ashes allows you to reveal the burned card on your arm in a clean, crisp way that resembled a newly linked tattoo on your arm. Not just the name of the card reveals itself, but the whole picture of the card manifest itself on your arm like a tattoo photograph.
In a massive upgrade to the classic, Phoenix Ashes will allow you to slowly, Magically reveal a chosen playing card on your arm, like never before. Watch as their eyes light up as the image slowly comes into view.
It's a MASSIVE UPGRADE to the classic and is even more shockingly powerful than ever before!
Guaranteed great reactions from crowds!
Key Points:
Arm is examinable before and after 
Easy set-up 
Easy & Fun to perform 
Perform Surrounded 
Cheap REFILLS available worldwide 
Two different revelation cards included 
Full DVD instructions Included