Astone - Hellerdnase


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Astone - Hellerdnase


S. W. Erdnase is a pseudonym used by the author of The expert at the card table, a book detailing sleight of hand, cheating and legerdemain using playing cards. Still considered essential reading for any card magician, the book, known also as either the Bible or, commonly, just Erdnase, has been in continual publication since 1902. Erdnase's true identity is one of the enduring mysteries of the magic community.

The Erdnase change is probably one of the most used sleight from this book and Astone shares with you his version of this change. This one will allow you to get some distance between the deck and the card that changes and the variations provided will allow you to do multiple card changes, end with a single card or even completely get rid of the deck and still perform the change.

We are sure that these really useful sleights will be in your repertoire in no time as they are quite easy to master.