At The Table Live Lecture Craig Petty


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Products Description

Empowerment: Coins Across where the spectator does all the moves. 
Triple Threat: A three-coin production, Coins Across and vanish designed for big tables. 
Ninja Purse: A coin routine with 4 regular coins and a purse. 
Hero Coin: A coin effect with a superhero twist! An examined coin is held in the spectator's hand. Miraculously, the image on the coin changes to the spectator's chosen superhero! 
A Marvelous Packet Trick: A packet trick based around superheroes. 
Torchwood: A routine that uses a small flashlight to vanish a handkerchief and a card, only to reveal that the vanished card is now printed on the handkerchief and inside the flashlight! 
Card Under Phone: A card routine which combines Card Under Box, Card In Pocket and Card In Phone. 
Anniversary Waltz: A handling of Anniversary Waltz to perform at the end of any signed card routine. 
Triumph Extreme: A Triumph with a 4 of a kind production as a kicker. 
Security Pen: A combination of pen manipulation, pen, and coin transpositions and a three-coin appearance and vanish.