At the Table Live Lecture - Jeff Prace 11/26/2014


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At the Table Live Lecture - Jeff Prace 11/26/2014

Jeff Prace is only 20 years old. At his young age, he has ALREADY worked for top magic production companies, has been published in every major magic periodical, has performed on NBC's The Today Show, AND has released top-selling effects. Jeff Prace is truly is one creative magician, as the man himself, David Copperfield called Jeff, "a very talented magic inventor!" In this lecture, Jeff will be covering: 

PR-Aces - An Ace production at equilibrium between flashy and smooth. 

Where Time Stands Still - Three cards are revealed in a surprising, off-the-cuff manner 

The Contest - An unanticipated demonstration in cutting to the high card 

No More Card Tricks - A deck of cards suddenly becomes tightly wrapped in electrical tape 

Strawesome - One drink changes to another of a different color through a clear straw 

Orbit - A pack of chewing gum with only one piece remaining instantly refills itself 

Short-Circuit - A pair of broken pair of headphones is audibly restored 

Earfun - Headphones mysteriously defy Newton's law of universal gravitation 

Jeff will also share with you his ideas to help you become a more precise and creative thinker!