Backlash 2011 by Kenton Knepper and Mark Townsend


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Backlash was an original routine and combination of strange principles by Kenton Knepper that was ?rst taught in Wonder Words under the heading of “Labeling.” Backlash has rarely been performed by all but Kenton?s closest Students. While students of Wonder Words appreciated the example of Backlash, most failed to grasp the true performance value of the original.
So it was that Kenton and Mark Townsend consistently performed and stunned audiences with their applications of Backlash, while most mentalists and magicians were uncertain about the methods Mark and Kenton used.
After a ?urry of interest arose due to certain videos of Mark Townsend performing his style of Backlash on television and stage, Kenton and Mark decided it was time to explain in detail precisely how they use the Backlash principles. In this manuscript you will learn the methods, linguistics, and applications that have impressed mentalists and shocked audiences around the globe.
There is one word of warning about Backlash that must be stated upfront. If you are closed-minded you will not grasp Backlash. If you think you know it all by glancing at this manuscript, you will miss why Backlash works.