Banjo Coin by The Other Brothers

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Banjo Coin by The Other Brothers

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 A revolutionary production device. Produce any small object at your fingertips like a special effect.

Continuously producing small objects out of thin air is a classic of magic that's been exclusively the domain of the masters of our craft. It's the kind of effect us mortals try, then soon abandon because it doesn't quite look like it does in our imaginations. 

Until today. 

Creative geniuses The Other Brothers have come up with the final word on making this illusion look like real magic, and easy enough for ANYBODY to do. 

The Banjo Coin gimmick is a brand new gimmick for sleight of hand artists. This wearable gimmick can be easily added or removed in and out of performances and it's practically invisible. Along with the custom made gimmick you will also receive some amazing ideas from the Darryl's to get you started performing amazing magic at the fingertips today.