Bebel - Two Incredible Moments


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Bebel - Two Incredible Moments


For us, Bebel is the unsung hero of card magic. His magic is as poetic as his life, and he should be mentioned alongside Rene Lavand, Ricky Jay, and Juan Tamariz as living legends. Yet materials on Bebel are scarce. That's why we're VERY proud to offer you this short, sweet double feature by Bebel...and it's just $7.99. You can only find it on Vanishing Inc. Magic. We filmed it, and we are bringing it to you. Need we say more?

Okay, we'll say a little more. What you have here are two routines that take just seconds in performance, but are worthy of careful study. We call it "Two Incredible Moments" because that's what these tricks incredible "wow" moment, all at once. In "Flash Four Change," four cards change instantaneously without any cover. Even when you're looking for it you miss it. In "Flash Mix" you will find the fastest Oil and Water sequence we have ever seen, and it's ready to be plugged into the routine you already do. 

This download is short and sweet, but what you're investing in is time spent with a living master of misdirection. If you study the construction of these routines, you'll be rewarded with the real lessons Bebel has to offer.