Ben Harris - Dimensional Relativity


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Ben Harris - Dimensional Relativity

The BRAND NEW PLOT from 1981!
Turn a signed card INSIDE OUT creating a great souvenir!!
Only once in a while do you CREATE A NEW PLOT! Folks have always saidand will probably continue to sayit’s all been done before.” Of course that’s usually the case but not every time!
Dimensional Relativity was released in 1981 as printed booklet. The idea of turning a signed card inside out” (created on the nineteenth day of August 1979 and shared with Woody Meltcher) became fashionable enough to see the book through two printings in three months. The reviews were excellent and lots of folk took notice!
I am very proud of the effect’s effect (ie: the card turning inside out) and the way the handling is minimal finishes clean and delivers a novel souvenir to boot! To this day I still giggle inside when pondering the nicety of the gaff actually being the souvenir. The handling has been simplified from the slightly over-proven direction that burdened the 1981 original. This effect is now so easy clean and effective that I believe it could become one of your favorites. Give it a whirl.
Heres what happens:
A Blue-backed deck is introduced and mixed. A card is selected and signed both front and back by a spectator (or spectators). Once the ink has dried this card is returned face-down to the centre of the face-up deck. It is explained that the reversed condition will act as a catalyst” for the magical experiment to follow.
A nearby spectator is now request to set a reaction in motion” by squeezing the deck between her hands. The performer however does not seem convinced that the spectator has succeeded in creating the magical moment.” Spreading the deck widely across the table he notes that the selected card is still reversed in the middle of the deck. Sure the entire deck has changed color (from blue-backs to red backs) but that does not seem to satisfy the performer. Just a result of internal heat” he comments. Let’s try one more time...”
The spread is again closed and handed back to the spectator for another squeeze.” This time the performer seems satisfied. The deck is once again spread across the table and something very strange is noted: the selected card (still in the center of the spread) has changedbecoming discoloured grey and foreign-looking! Way to much heat this time you’ve blistered the thing.” the performer adds.
This single card is removed and tossed to the table. Showing it on both sides the performer now taps one corner of the card on the table creating a little dog-ear. This card having turned inside out is now split into two layersrevealing the front and back of the card complete with signatures on the inside!
The inverted and now split card is given away as a souvenir. And the performer is left squeaky clean with a regular deck to continue his performance.
32 PAGES Photo-illustrated
File Type: PDF