Ben Salinas - Card Weapons


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Card Weapons by Ben Salinas




If you LOVE great card magic, and LOVE to learn all you can about useful card-handling moves, this DVD is for you! You already know the Double Lift. But how about Derek Dingle's version? The late Derek Dingle was a legendary card handler, and his secrets are rarely shared, even today. Learn Derek Dingle's Double Lift on this DVD!

You may have seen the Hindu Shuffle mentioned in the instructions for some advanced card tricks, but you still have not quite been able to master it. That's all fixed now - learn the professional trick to making the Hindu Shuffle a part of your card-handling skills!

And you've always wanted to be able to perfect a one-handed palm. There's a great one on this DVD- the One Handed Top Palm! So much more, too! Nearly two dozen card moves are covered in step-by-step detail. And there's a BONUS! The famous Ambitious Card Routine is also included!

Master card manipulator Ben Salinas' confidence combined with the right card moves makes this DVD a must have. Ben will teach you all of these incredible effects and give you the confidence that you need to perform these card moves yourself - in no time!


• DJ Shift
• Marlo Miracle Switch
• Reverse Hermann Pass
• RW Spread Pass
• Vernon Dribble Force
• Depth Illusion
• Push Off - 2 Cards
• Push Off - 1 Card
• Spread Double Lift
• Pinky Count
• Lorayne Double Lift
• Thumb Count
• Derek Dingle Double Lift
• Strike Double Lift
• Twirling Double
• Say When Pass
• Hindu Shuffle
• Paintbrush Change
• Swing Cut
• One-Handed Top Palm
• Hip Shot
• Flutter Change
• Bonus: Ambitious Card Routine

DVD Running Time: Approx. 50 minutes