Ben Salinas - Torn & Restored Newspaper


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This a must own DVD for performers and entertainers of all kinds! Take a newspaper?? rip it into pieces?? and restore it back to its original condition. Seem impossible? It isn't! Ben Salinas will perform and teach nine different tears as well as go through the instructions for setup in step-by-step demonstrations.

This is a very popular and classic illusion. This DVD will teach you how to perform it with a bit of preparation and any newspaper. If you'd rather have a version that is already made up for you?? please see the Torn and Restored Newspaper effect.

The Nine Tears??
Slydini - the classic of magic
Simplicity - one of the easiest
Tearless - cut to the chase
MC Gag Bit - a stand-up act
Commando - for emergencies
Signed - spectator participation
Instant Reset - a quick restoration
My favorite - blend of the best
Classic - the big payoff