Bill Goldman - Two For the Money


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Who is Bill Goldman? Here is the skinny. Bill has been one of the top professional close-up magicians in America for over 20 years. His clients consists of Fortune 500 companies?? celebrities?? politicians?? and the filthy rich.

Why is Bill so successful? It's really very simple. His methods are so easy to do it allows Bill to concentrate on his performance. He's a great performer with an arsenal of amazing routines.

Two For The Money contains two card routines Bill uses to get the money! These routines are not pipe dreams?? but effects right out of Bill's working repertoire. Both are incredibly easy to do.

Free Chance:
This is an astonishing routine that really gets the audience involved! The spectators apparently have complete control over each step of the routine?? but you have complete control over the outcome! Only one simple move an d you are done. This is so easy anyone can do it. It is an exquisite lesson in the art of Equivoque!

Invisible Die:
This is another staggering one move wonder. It is hard to believe how much entertainment value Bill gets out of a simple control. This one will get you the money! You will have more fun than humans are supposed to have as you lie and cheat your way to success with another Goldman Classic!

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