Bill Montana - Audio Psi


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Bill Montana - Audio Psi

udio Psi is a manuscript of instructions that teach the user how to build a voice responsive Psi Wheel that is also highly responsive to movement that may occur in the performance venue. Audio Psi is very different than others as it can react to the sound of your voice even when you are several feet away. The device I will teach you how to build uses no electronics and is simple to make.

If you are familiar with the traditional Psi Wheel then you know one must be near the device for it to function. But this is not your traditional Psi Wheel. Imagine that you have a group of people who are seated in the parlor and you would like to see if they could move the Psi Wheel using only the power of their mind. Wouldn't that be neat? Now you can withAudio Psi.

Warning Audio Psi is so reactive when constructed correctly you may start to think you are moving it with your mind for real.

1st edition 2014, 13 pages.
word count: 4572 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text