Bill Montana LIVE (Penguin LIVE)


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Bill Montana LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Bill Montana is way ahead of his time. He is highly respected by me and others. He is a genius and in my book he is considered one of the Giants in the industry.”-Neal Scryer

Bill Montana is one of the most talented and creative people I know. He constantly thinks outside the box and creates simple and elegant solutions to problems. Im a huge fan.”- Richard Webster
Bill Montana is one of the leading experts in the more arcane areas of mentalism and the bizarre. I highly recommend his work to anyone seriously interested in the art.- Bob Cassidy
Bill Montanas work will move your mind in exciting and different ways. He uses unique and forgotten principles and strange forces from the unknown to create wonder in his completely different style. Open your psyche because the bridge is already open to feel his pulsating ideas. - Pablo Amira
Bill is a brilliant thinker that can take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary. - Rick Roth ofOutlaw Effects
Bill Montana is the real deal! What I really love is his works (Ie: the bridge pulse etc.) and the capacity to deeply connect with people giving the experience of real magic!- Luca Volpe

What will he teach


The Telekinetic Coin- A borrowed coin with the power of the audiences collective mind.
The Lotus Flower- A small paper flower opens in a magical way to reveal a playing card or other object.
The Mystic Orb- An imaginary ball of energy with weight that can be felt by the spectator.
Heads or Tails Coin Prediction- An honest gambling game.
Fifteen Arrows- Its a gambling game and a swindle … if you know the secret.
Rolling Log- Leave even the best of the crooked gamblers broke in just a few games.
The Historical Perception Technique- Cause your spectator to feel a mystical energy coming off an old or personal object.
The Praying Hands- The origins of this date back to my days as a charlatan faith healer but could be done by any gospel worker or psychic worker.
Lifted by Angels- A person appears to be lifted up by angels.
Influential Gestures- The open hand versus the pointed finger.
The Mirror Flatters Not- *(considered prop-less but you do need something to lay on which could be considered a prop).
Shadow People- A bizarre work used outdoors wherein people will see the shadow people.
The Mantra Within- A new age technique that could replace transcendental mediation.
The Comfortable Chair Test- (Psychological chair test) Works anywhere where you have an audience who will be seated.
AndBill MontanasPulse- The performer and a spectators hearts beat the same.



Who is he


Bill Montana did not come into magic and mentalism via the traditional routes. After working as a charlatan faith healer Bill spent years working as a professional psychic something he still does from time to time. Then 10 years ago Bill began releasing his methodologies to the magic and mentalism community and they loved it.
Bill Montana is a known designer creator and fabricator of mentalism and magic effects including special items for crooked gambling. He is also the maker of some of the finest spinning nickels shiners and bugs on the planet today as well as the author of many books and e-books on the subject of magic and mentalism.