Blake Vogt - FUZION


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Vanishing - Blake Vogt - FUZION



Blake Vogt is magic's newest sensation. He is exploded onto the scene?? and now works as a magic consultant to David Copperfield. We are proud to feature "FUZION??" an exclusive Vanishing Inc. release available only from us.

The effect is ridiculous: you cause two cards—and then PIECES of two cards to transpose in uncanny and visual ways. To end?? you cause half of one card to FUSE to half of another card. Did we mention these cards are INITIALED?

This amazing effect is already causing reverb on the underground scene?? and we're proud to have it EXCLUSIVELY on Vanishing Inc Magic.

More good news:

? It's easy to do! You will be able to learn it almost right away. ?Requires no table. This makes it ideal for strolling performance. ? We’ve made drastic improvements to our download productions?? and Blake's FUZION is evidence of this. It looks beautiful and is easy to follow.

Running time?? 45 minutes.