Bob Sheets Penguin Live Online Lecture


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Bob Sheets Penguin Live Online Lecture


One of the funniest magicians on the planet gave an incredible 3 hour lecture!

"Witnessing Bob Sheets performing behind a bar is the 8th Wonder of the World. Truly hilarious, astonishing and an event not to be missed. I know, I worked with Bob for years. Believe me when I tell you that nobody can follow Bob’s set behind a bar. His show is a riot of magic comedy destruction with no survivors." - Bob Kohler

"Bob Sheets is a true original. A natural entertainer who knows how to get the most out of his magic. Watch Bob and learn how he turns simple "tricks" into pure entertainment." - John Carney

"Bob Sheets is great. In so many ways. He is a great performer, a great teacher, and a great resource. He knows Stage Magic, Close Up Magic, Bar Magic, Street Magic and above all, he knows how to make Magic really, really entertaining. Bob Sheets is great!" - Peter Samelson

What will he teach?


    Sugar Trick - A classic bar routine made famous by my teacher Hebahaba Al from Chicago's pickle barrel and New York Lounge.

    Handkerchief Trick - See how Bob gets away with what magicians only dream of with the old brassiere trick.

    Hydrostatic Glass - A classic trick with a totally motivated reason and urban myth brought alive.

    Intuition - A mental piece with a think of a card look ending with the spectators doing all the revelations. My trade show act perfect for bar, street, stand up.

    Copper Silver Brass - Johnson Products have sold J.C. Wagner and my routine for this routine for over 30 years. This handling uses no pocket switches and the original set.

    Gotcha - When I first did this at the Castle in 1980 I fooled Larry Jennings, Darwin Ortiz, Jeff McBride, and many others with this amazing routine that will do the same for you. Sold by Penguin with a special feature the producer left out of the ad but comes with every deck. Bob also performed his spectacular version of the 3 Shell Game.