Bobby Motta - Lethal


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Bobby Motta - Lethal


Bobby Motta’sLethallooks so much like real magic?? your audiences will not believe what they are seeing!
Have a card selected?? signed?? and shuffled back into the deck. The spectator can even shuffle the cards.
Bring out a big knife?? and the laughter begins!
A target board is brought into play and placed around the spectator's neck?? covering their torso. Who’s laughing now?
Spring the deck of cards into the air. Throw the knife towards the target board?? and in mid-air?? the knifepins one card to the board.Of course?? it is the signed selection!
Not just a card trick but a visual masterpiece??Lethalis always under your control. There are absolutely no assistants or stooges involved at any time. The gimmick is totally self-contained and may be performed in any environment. Comes complete with everything?? including full-length instructional DVD.
Designed and manufactured by Gerry Frenette!
Note?? This item may only be sold at retail and cannot be included in any sales event.'