Box Change by David Koehler


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Box Change by David Koehler

The Box Change is move that allows you to visually change a card with the wave of a hand using only the card box. There’s no extra gimmicks or modifications to make to the box. It’s super easy to do and entirely impromptu.

Basic Routine: A card is selected and lost into the pack. An indifferent card is removed and the rest of the deck is placed inside the box. The indifferent card is slipped inside the box and magically changes in to the selection with the wave of a hand. 100% Impromptu and very easy to do

Transpo Routine. A selected card changes places with an indifferent card using the Box Change. A classic of magic taken to a whole new level.

Blank Card Routine: A blank card with the magician's signature changes into the spectator's selected card. The magician's signature is still on the selection and the card can be given away as a souvenir.

Almost 20 minutes of in depth instruction.

Three Routines

One Change

I’m David Koehler, and welcome to the Box Change.

Note: The Transpo Routine and Blank Card routine are not impromptu, but the Basic Routine is.