Brain Christian - Hover Card


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Brain Christian - Hover Card

What if you could harness the power of gravity?
What if you could ignore it? This is Hover Card.

You stand on the street. All eyes are on the deck. Silence and raw anticipation pour through the air. With all attention focused on the deck?? one card begins to visibly RISE. The motion is slow; the force is under your complete command at all times.

There are no strings. There are no wires. There is nothing but you?? your audience?? and a crisp deck. With only that?? you have the power to perform.
Full-on?? expanded teaching DVD with Brad Christian



"Ahh... if it isn't the effect that got people to think I am insane...The Hover Card.

Alright?? here's a question for Brad. The Hover Card is a simple yet EFFECTIVE illusion. It's really quick and on the spot but you can make it as meaningful as possiible?? taking in all the attention to ONE force that is harnessing the card in thin air.

Now why a DVD? When i got my Black Hover?? it came with a little leaflet. And those are IN-DEPTH enough. It gives us time and space to actually get used to it without following strict details but only following guidelines. As everyone has their own style?? people will eventually develop their own style instead of becoming robots who perform the same way. I still think the leaflet did a great job and also the short downloadable video that came with it. That video superb.

Speaking of developing style. I once performed it with my back facing the audience?? the deck held behind my back and I told them?? "Do you know the movie "Ju-on" aka. The Grudge? Know the shower scene where you can feel things touching you and moving your hair or even do something behind you back? Watch this..." proceed to perform the effect BEHIND your back?? and tell them to notify you if they see anything??