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A card is selected?? signed and lost in the deck. The magician claims he can magically make the signed card jump to the top of the pack. He snaps his fingers over the deck and turns over the top card which is... a Joker. He buries the Joker in the middle of the deck snaps and snaps again. He turns over the top card which proves to be... the Joker again.

This time he folds the Joker into quarters and staples it shut. The spectators can clearly see that it is indeed the Joker which is folded and stapled. The stapled card is placed on the table where it never leaves the spectator's sight. The magician clicks his fingers yet again. This time he spreads through the cards revealing one card reversed in the middle of the deck which turns out to be... the Joker again!

The spectator then picks up the stapled card and unfolds it. It is now the signed card!

This effect is amazing and very easy to do. The clever gimmick does most of the work for you!

Important points to consider??

  • There is no switch. Only one card is folded and tabled.
  • Once the card is folded?? it never leaves the spectator's sight. In fact?? once it's on the table?? you never touch it again.
  • The signed card is completely examinable at the end of the effect.
  • The gimmick is very easy to make. Just a spare card?? some scissors and tape and you will have it done in no time.

When you purchase Corner?? you will receive a PDF which explains the construction of the gimmick and a ten minute video which includes a full performance and explanation of the effect?? plus bonus ideas.