Cameron Francis - Exposure


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Cameron Francis - Exposure


The magician explains that he will show the spectators how to do a stunning mentalism effect. A card is selected?? signed and placed inside the card case. The magician waves his hand over the card case and is able to immediately divine the selection! Amazing!... Until he reveals that there is a big hole in the back of the card case.

He then claims there is an even more deceptive way to do the trick. The spectator's signed card is fairly cut into the deck. The magician snaps his fingers over the deck which causes the card to rise to the top. He snaps again. The card is now invisible. He picks up the invisible card and slips it inside the card case. He then snaps over the hole in the card case and the signed selection VISIBLY appears inside the box!

Not only is effect complete stunning but it's also ridiculously easy to do! There is no sleight of hand required. The simple gimmick does all of the work.

And the best part is?? the card case may be completely examined after the effect!

When you purchase Exposure?? you will receive a PDF which explains the construction of the gimmick and a ten minute video which includes a full performance and explanation of the effect.