Cameron Francis LIVE 2 (Penguin LIVE)


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Cameron Francis LIVE 2 (Penguin LIVE)

Professional actor and magician shows you his favorite impromptu magic with an unprepared deck of cards.

Camerons Magic is engaging and full of surprises!-Aldo Colombini

One of the most creative magicians I have met in a long time.-Richard Sanders

I have concluded that Cameron Francis is in league with the Devil. No other explanation for his continual clever thinking will suffice. -Peter Duffie

This is one of the guys to watch out for folks. -David Forrest

... a brilliant thinker in magic.”-Bob Solari

Cameron is the MacGuyver of magic. You give him three items and he will give you 10 crowd pleasing effects in return.” -Ryan Schlutz

What will he teach

Cardnection One of Cameron’s favorite openers. A spectator freely selects a card (really!). The deck is given a few cuts. Another spectator freely touches a card it is the first spectator’s card!

Oh No Not Another Thing! After fairly losing the four Aces in the deck they instantly reappear in four different places.

Precursor A super commercial Ace Assembly.

Over And Out The Aces cleanly reverse in the deck and then transpose with a selection.

Absorption Four Jacks absorb” three selections in a completely baffling manner.

Straight Time Inversion meets Triumph in one very commercial effect.

Eat Fresh Inspired by the Buck Twins’ Subway” effect. But you don’t have to have the skill of Dan or Dave to do it. Lucky you.

Shades of Silver Chink a chink with only four coins. No extra coins or gimmicks.

Hold That Ghost A variation of Roy Walton’s Ambitious Ghost with a one-two punch ending.

Reswindled Again Caleb Wiles’ Reswindled” reloaded!

Who is he

Cameron Francis is an actor and magician currently living in Orlando Florida. As an actor he has appeared professionally on stage in New York Baltimore Philadelphia Washington DC and Orlando. He has also starred in many commercials and appeared in the feature films Never Back Down” starring Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou and the awarding winning movie Frank v. God”. Television credits include the hit MTV sitcom The Inbetweeners”.

Cameron currently works as a performer at Universal Studios Orlando and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

As a close up magician Cameron is well known for his off-beat quirky style of magic. He has performed all over the country including the Close Up Gallery of the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. He is also a regular performer at Wizardz Magic Theater in Orlando Fl.

Cameron has created many original effects and has collaborated with some of the top names in close up magic including Richard Sanders Dave Forrest Liam Montier Aldo Colombini and Peter Duffie. He has also lecture at clubs and conventions (including the 2012 FISM convention) in eight countries including the U.S. Canada England Germany Switzerland and Austria. Cameron has had tricks published inGenii MagazineMUMMagic MagazineMagician Magazine The Linking Ring The Magic Menuas well as a monthly column in the British IBM magazineThe Budget.