Cameron Francis - Ultimate Impromptu Card Magic


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Cameron Francis - Ultimate Impromptu Card Magic

A collection of mindblowing card magic that you can perform with ANY borrowed deck. NO SETUPS. NO PROPS. NO GAFFS.

How often has this happened to you - you're at a party and someone comes up and says 'hey?? I hear you're a magician… can you show me a trick?'. Your mind goes blank. You have none of your gear with you - no thumb tip?? no sharpie?? no gaff decks?? no magnetic ring?? nothing. All you have is a deck of cards. (Or maybe your new friend hands you THEIR deck!).

What do you do?

On Ultimate Impromptu Card Magic Cameron Francis has collected together a host of absolutely KILLER magic that you can unleash at a moment's notice. These 14 routines are easy to perform?? but shockingly powerful. Learn these tricks and you'll NEVER be stuck for a spectator frying miracle again!!

Easy to do
No props required (other than a deck of cards)
Perform any time?? any where?? with anyone's deck (even missing some cards)
No setups needed
All strong material - no filler

1.        Ace Thang
2.        Sly Cheese
3.        A.N. Other Thang
4.        Interchangeling
5.        Hofwich
6.        Zombieland
7.        Instinct
8.        Killer Trifecta
9.        Elevation
10.        Wilder
11.        Uppers
12.        The P***ing Contest
13.        Getting Even
14.        Selected Assembly