Capture by Luke Dancy


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Capture by Luke Dancy

The best trick with a borrowed phone period! -Criss Angel(Featured On The Brand New Spike TV Series Criss AngelBeLIEve)
- Criss Angel

An incredible..startling..moment of magic. A cellphonetrick that appears to have nothing to do with the phone. Very very nice.-Banachek

With Luke Dancy’s ‘Capture visually amazing magicoccurs with a borrowed smart phone. That’s a giant leap for mankind.”-David Regal

I love this. Beautiful thinking! -CalenMorelli

Luke Dancy shares the secret to one of the most powerfuleffects you can do with ANY smart phone

CAPTURE gives you the ability totake a borrowed coin and have it appear INSIDE the screen of a BORROWED cellphone! The best part...No App required!

Borrow a coin and visually meltit into the screen of their phone. They wont believe their eyes as the coinslides around inside the screen and then just as easily the coin is visiblypulled back out of the phone. Everything is now 100% examinable.

Use any smart phone!
Super easy to do
No apps or downloads required!
Starts and ends clean