Cara Hamilton Storytelling for Magicians (Highly recommended)


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Cara Hamilton - Storytelling for Magicians

This PDF encapsulates Cara's practise on storytelling and how to turn a trick into a piece of theatre. It encompasses setting attitude sound crafting a tale inspiration hints tips getting the most from your verbal presentation and much much more. It also includes essays by professional storytellers revealing facets of their art. This is not a work for someone looking for tricks. It is however a work that will take your Magic to the next level.

Chapters include:

Isn't storytelling just for childrenStorytelling is a 5 pointed starFinding a taleScripting your taleWords from Jumana MoonDeliveryAdditional TipThe Storyteller's experience by Vanessa Woolf.Creating a tale.The Old Witch that lives among the starsConclusion

Review by Brian Watson Magical author and creator

Storytelling for Magicians should be in the library of every serious student of magic. Every student that wants to elevate their magic from tricks into pieces of theatre that is. Not only does Cara explain the fundamentals of script writing and story telling she also gives examples of both works in progress and finished pieces for the reader to see her process in action. Highly recommended!

1st edition 2018 34 pages.