Card Fanning Magic (World's Greatest Magic)


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Card Fanning Magic (World's Greatest Magic)

In a manipulation act, nothing elicits oohs and ahhs from an appreciative audience more than playing cards displayed in elaborate fans that change color, size and even magically divide seemingly at the magician's will. 

This DVD is an information tour de force on the arcane subject of creating elaborate fan displays using playing cards. First, master manipulator Alan Shaxon supplies all of the basic information you'll need to know to get started, including the types of cards to use, their preparation, and the elementary techniques. Then, Jeff McBride, a modern master of card manipulation, goes into even more detail on the fine art of fanning playing cards. Finally, the godfather of street magic, Jeff Sheridan, adds some more touches and ideas to round out your education. 

Henry Hay, in his classic The Amateur Magician's Handbook, said of card fanning, "More than any other flourish, fanning has to be taught by example rather than precept." You'll soon be discovering that, short of personal instruction, this DVD suits Mr. Hay's intention perfectly. 

The Technique of Card Fanning - Alan Shaxon 
Treating The Cards - Alan Shaxon 
The Standard Fans (Forward & Reverse Effects) - Alan Shaxon 
One Hand Fan Closing (With Presentation Tips) - Alan Shaxon 
One Hand Fan (Opening) - Alan Shaxon 
The Blank Deck Fan - Alan Shaxon 
Color-Changing Fans - Alan Shaxon 
Splitting The Fan - Alan Shaxon 
The Giant Fan - Alan Shaxon 
Giant Fan Variations - Alan Shaxon 
Giant Fans With Two Decks - Alan Shaxon 
Gimmicked Giant Fans - Alan Shaxon 
The Loyal Burke Stripped Fan Deck - Alan Shaxon 
The Diminishing Cards - Alan Shaxon 
Normal To Jumbo Fan - Alan Shaxon 
The Fan-See Card Trick - Alan Shaxon 
Words Of Wisdom - Alan Shaxon 

Thumb Fan and Closing A Fan - Jeff McBride 
Pressure Fan - Jeff McBride 
One Handed Fan & S Fan - Jeff McBride 
Blank Fan - Jeff McBride 
Color Fanning - Jeff McBride 
Color Changing Fan - Jeff McBride 
Splitting The Fan - Jeff McBride 
Rising Sun Fan - Jeff McBride 
One Hand Circular Fan - Jeff McBride 
Windshield Wipers - Jeff McBride 
Four Ways To Fan A Fanning Deck - Jeff McBride 
Double Tier Fan (Giant Fan) - Jeff McBride 
Ganson's Glued Deck Version - Jeff McBride 

The Two Handed Fan - Jeff Sheridan 
One Hand Fan Closing - Jeff Sheridan 
Two Handed S Fan - Jeff Sheridan 
The Giant Fan - Jeff Sheridan 
Splitting The Fan - Jeff Sheridan 
Reverse Fan - Jeff Sheridan 

Running Time Approximately 1hr 36min