Card Work, Card Play by Kostya Kimlat (PDF+Video)


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Card Work, Card Play by Kostya Kimlat

Comments: [Andrew Loh] Great and excellent card materials! This book is absolutely not suitable for beginners. This is a kind of book that utilised card sleights to achieve lots of Kostya's card effects. It covers lots of useful original moves and applications of card effects. Purchasing Kostya's booklet would receive a CDROM which detailed his performances of the materials covered in this book. Well worth of your money and I highly recommended this book.  [CD-ROM includes 26 videos, 60 page booklet with 12 techniques and 11 effects]


5 Card Work
5 Undercover Force
5 Free Style
6 Forcing Thoughts
6 Break, Cull & Bottom Up Styles
7 Undercover Reverse
8 Pocket Full of Methods

9 Pasteboard Experiments
9 Double Deal
9 Basic 3-Way
10 Odd Card Handling
10 One-Handed Alignment
11 Undercover 3-Way

12 Undercover Double Turnover
12 Midas Touch (Brent Boyko)
12 Undercover Switch
13 Undercover Convincers
13 Replacement Move
16 Undercover Sequence
18 References, Resources & Reflections

20 Streamlined Switch (w/ B.J.Bueno)
20 Face Down
22 Face Up
22 Half & Half
22 Direct Transformation (Jack Parker)
23 Flash-Free NoLap Switch (Aaron Shields)

27 Card Play
27 Ambitious Ego
29 Zephyr Production 
31 A Trick for Descartes' Evil Genius 
35 Hallucinogenic Gaze of Gala
38 Solitary Confinement
39 In-the-Hands Performance 
40 Undercover Rhapsody in Blue 
45 House Party Cull-ectors 
49 Straight-Edge Cullectors
50 Hardcore Straight-edge Cullectors
53 Satan Monte