Cedric Taylor - Fly On The Wall


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Fly on The Wall is Cedrics most ambitious work to date. What you are getting are 5 of Cedrics pet routines that he use everyday.

1. Omniscient:This is a mentalism theory created by The Urban Entity Cedric Taylor that works as a Q A. Its unique in its approach because it:

  • allows the performer to do a mass reading while walking around in the audience without ever needing the stage.
  • can be performed for 5 or 5000
  • billet-less. (Billets are only used for pre-show work. You will also need a deck of cards.)
  • can be performed at a kissers length away from your spectator.
  • can be adapted and used for drawing duplications predictions direct mind reading hellstromism reveals warm and cold reading automatic writing palm readings and even full on psychic shows. This effect can be a psychics FULL SHOW!
  • possesses a walk around and close up performance option.
  • virtually hands free as it allows you to not worry about the method. You can just work on your performance.

2. The Turning Point:This is Cedrics dirt easy book test. anywhere from 1-6 people are called to remember a word from a book. One by one you are able to know exactly which words they are thinking of.

3. Flat line:In this routine you will learn possibly the most clever pulse stops ever. Most importantly it uses no stoppage of actual blood flow no risk of blood clots no psychological priming.

4. Gimme 5:You walk up to a group of friends or call 6 people on stage. You will pick a subject leaving you with 5 other people. Each person lays an item down. The 1 subject (with your back turned) is to think of an object you then turn around and eliminate every object until his chosen object is left.

5. Danielles Heartis Cedrics interpretation of a direct mind-reading system. When he say system dont think this is some sort of psychological one trick pony. What kind of things can you guess ANYTHING! With Danielles Heart heres what it doesnt happen:

  • No Writing
  • No Pre-Show
  • No Electronics
  • No Assistance

The possibilities are endless.

1st edition 2014 19 pages.
word count: 5962 which is equivalent to 23 standard pages of text